One way to make conversation with customers and break the ice is to find something in common of which starts talking. Normally you can start asking about ……. How was the trip? why they chose this city for vacation? How long they’ll be on vacation? where are they visiting us from? etc.  At least in this part, I do not ask about their professions because it is too early and could be given to the client to think that I’m prequalifying, later you may find out what they do.

Here the more important mission is to create something in common identify us both so the customer feels relaxed and lower the pressure. Remember that this type of customer going to a timeshare presentation is most often required and his mood is not the best, there is some distrust on their part and we must begin to earn it slowly. By this,  I am not referring to talk one hour since otherwise, the presentation is much lengthening and the customer is very careful about that.
I personally start asking questions about recreation, family and last longer when I feel I broke the ice I talk about their professions or dedicated. If we vary the order I can create mistrust on the part of the very sincere or not in the answers they’re going to give me.

There are salespeople who prefer to eat with clients, I personally accompanied with a coffee or a drink, so they do not delay eating and enter quickly to explain the day’s itinerary of what we going to do. This is a good time if they come with small children to suggest taking the kids to the game room and so avoid distraction from parents.

Suggest that they use the bathroom if needed and clean the table where it will start its presentation, thus avoid distractions or loss of time.