In this tutorial we will start by defining the four major parties during the sale of timeshare. Trust, Need, Solution and Urgency. Each step is very important because many times the timeshare salespeople fail or begin to speed up the process and therefore ultimately emerge undesirable objections or excuses why the buyer decides not to buy our product.

The process of selling the timeshare is very simple but we complicate the sellers giving too much unnecessary information about our product, and many eventually become presenters, teachers, and forget the part or role that corresponds to us, to sell.

In our basic tutorial we start by explaining how to acquire Trust from the moment you first make contact with your prospectus to greet and then gradually route it to achieve their curiosity about our product, remember that this type of buyer does not come with the intention of we will buy nothing but approximately 90-120 minutes to create in the interest for buying our product.

We invite you to follow our step by step tutorial invendedor 3 which you learn the secrets that many successful sellers in the industry shared with us about  how they manage to persuade their customers to achieve their interest in buying your product. Sign Up HERE

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